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This review still makes me immensely satisfied with my choice of car. :wink:

2019 Honda Insight Test Drive Review: With 50-MPG Hybrid Car Like This, Why Buy a Toyota Prius? - The Drive

The appeal begins with styling. Saying the Honda looks better than a Prius sounds like the most left-handed of compliments. So try this: The Insight is a handsome, contemporary sedan by any yardstick. There’s a tasteful rise-and-fall to its silhouette, and it’s less angular than the Civic sedan on which it’s based.​

The premium theme continues inside, where the Insight feels nearly as inviting as the pricier Accord. As with that benchmark sedan—or the Acura RDX I recently tested—there’s newfound warmth inside. Evident attention has been paid to the layout, textures and details, including well-tailored seats and genuine stitching on the dashboard.​

But it’s the driving experience, not just the acceleration, that separates the Honda from its hybrid competition. First, the electric-assisted steering feels like a regular Civic’s: light, yet precise and responsive. Calling the handling “sporty” is a stretch, but the Insight is never less than pleasant to drive. That’s in stark comparison with a Prius, whose lifeless handling and couch-potato powertrain make me want to kick in its homely fenders every time I drive one.​
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