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Welcome to the Gen3 Insight Forum!
You'll find this to be a positive, friendly place for those interested in the Honda 2019+ Insight to respectfully learn from, discuss with, and support each other. If you have any questions on the forum, our Moderator and Administrator group is here to help!

Here are some tips to navigate the forum with ease:
BREAK THE ICE by introducing yourself. Talk about why you joined... or just say hello! You can post car pictures to the 'Garage' or set up a good 'Signature' to share info on your car or stats from
CATCH UP on all the important topics and great discussions so far. Click 'Forums' at top of page to find topic-areas within the forum, then click on the hyperlinks to get to the associated sub-topic discussions. The valuable info we have is most helpful when it can be found, so please try to get familiar with and post to the correct section.
STAY CURRENT on open topics under discussion. Click 'Active Topics' or 'New Posts' at top of page - then click the solid gray arrow (>) in the 'Last Post' column to see posts added since your last log in. Customize your experience by selecting thread 'Subscription' and email 'Notification' preferences in the USER CP (control panel).
SEARCH FOR ANSWERS using the 'Tools --> Advanced Search' feature. We may have already addressed a question or topic, and you can use this to find existing threads before starting a new thread.
FIND YOURSELF and your prior posts by clicking on your member name ("Welcome, <member name>"), then selecting the 'Statistics' tab to "Find all posts..." or "Find all threads..." started by yourself.
ENCOURAGE DISCUSSION by adding a "LIKE" to posts of interest. As a side-benefit, liking a post adds it to your 'Likes Given' list and is a quick and easy way to find that tip or post again in the future! For each time you find help or answers, try to help someone else out in return.​

Check out these popular threads to kick-start your knowledge:

We look forward to your contributions to our community!
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