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Review: 2019 Honda Insight Hybrid Touring
Fewer Station Breaks

Matthew Guy By: Matthew Guy
October 30, 2018
What’s Good: Sips fuel, legendary Honda build quality, styling that doesn’t embarrass
What’s Bad: Noisy under acceleration, scattered bit of rock-hard plastic interior trim
Stopping at the gas station is a pain in the neck. Line ups, frustrated motorists, and what side is the gas cap on anyways? That’s not to mention the cost of the stuff, which seems to be in a perpetual march northwards.

Honda thinks it can help drivers with that. The 2019 Insight is a gasoline-powered hybrid, designed to operate solely on its battery under certain low-speed conditions. There’s no need to plug this little sedan into the wall; it captures energy via active methods such as regenerative braking, slowly refilling the lithium-ion battery as you wend your way down Main Street. The car does this automatically with no driver intervention required.

To give it a shot, we took this hybrid on an autumn jaunt to a spot in Nova Scotia that’s quickly becoming a wildly popular spot in the Maritimes for local products hewn from sustainable activities. Masstown Market was founded as a farm-gate operation in 1969. The Jennings family has steadily grown the business since then, buying the majority of its wares from local farmers and fishers. Seems an appropriate destination, given the Insight’s mission of reducing one’s footprint.
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