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Video comparison review on value, fuel economy, safety, reliability, styling, powertrain and functionality in the 2020 PRIUS L-ECO, 2020 INSIGHT EX, and 2020 COROLLA HYBRID LE.

Value = Insight and Corolla (tie)
Economy = Prius
Safety = Insight
Reliability = Prius (based on Consumer Reports)
Styling = Insight (ding'd for white top rear turn signals)
Powertrain = Insight
Functionality = Prius
OVERALL = Insight

Prius L-ECO = most versatile, maximum fuel economy
Corolla Hybrid LE = youthful styling, advanced safety technology
Insight EX = well rounded, stylish, aerodynamic, comfortable,


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After watching the youtube video I posted here of the 2020 Sonata Hybrid. It makes me question if value will beat Toyota's reliability at a certain threshold for most buyers. With the Insight EX's price I don't feel like I'm getting the basic or next trim down of a Honda Civic. I've always considered Toyota when shopping for a new car due to perceived reliability but I never buy them due to lack of amenities/value for the money. If I paid X for a car I don't want to feel like I'm getting into a lower trim car from another or the same automaker.
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